All Montgomery Community College accounts now use the same login and usernames are automatically generated. To find your username, go to the tab below and follow the directions to obtain your username and create your password.

If you have followed the below steps and you are still having issues, please submit a ticket to and include your Student ID number. We will respond as soon as possible.

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Username and Password

All MCC students will need their login information in order to access certain student resources. Login conventions will be the same for all systems. Students will need to know their User ID to login to these services.

Create or Reset Password

Please click the button below to open the password reset instructions.

Find Your Username

Obtain your Username:
MCC usernames will be automatically generated. It is possible that your username has changed since the last time you were a student at MCC. It is important that you use the button below to obtain your username. You will need this username for all services. To find your username, click the button below. On the Self-Service login screen, click ‘Forgot your USER NAME’. Enter your first and last name and your personal email address. Note: This should be the same email address MCC has on file for you. Click Submit. You will receive an email containing your username shortly.”

WiFi Help Docs

Important Information on Wireless Network

Important Information on Wireless Network

If you try to connect to MCC's wireless network, you will notice the choices are MCC_Guest and MCC_AD. In an ...

Free Office 365

Free Office 365

Free Office 365

With your MCC student email account, you can download Microsoft Office on up to five (5) different devices absolutely free! ...



For assistance please contact Tammy Irvin
Phone: 910-898-9652
Office Location: Front Desk, in the Library



Why are my courses not showing up in Blackboard Learn?

Your courses will not show up until the first day of class. If you register late, it may be 24 hours from the time you registered until your course is available. If you still do not see your course(s), please call (910)-898-9657.

Where can I find technical help with issues such as logging in or getting started with Blackboard Learn?

MCC has several ways you can get assistance with technology and online courses.

MCC Blackboard Learn Helpdesk 24/7 Support: Call 1-855-588-2930 or visit

Are there computers on campus with internet access for students?

Yes! Students may use the computers in the MCC Library. To log in to these computers, you will need your username and password created from the instructions above.

How do I check my grades on Blackboard Learn?

Your instructor may have created a tool in the menu on the left side of the screen titled, Grades or My Grades. If you do not see this, look for a menu titled Tools, and you should find a My Grades link inside.

Do I have to use special software to access Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Learn is a web-based tool, so any current internet browser that has JavaScript and cookies turned on should be able to access most content. Click here to view the list of supported browsers for Blackboard Learn. Montgomery Community College strongly recommends NOT using Internet Explorer. You may need additional software or plug-ins depending on what content your professor requires for class. For example, your instructor may post content that requires the Adobe Flash Player to view.

There are several browser plug-ins commonly required to display content in Blackboard Learn:

Test your version of Java to ensure compatibility. Blackboard has tested and supports version 7 JRE. While JRE 6 may work, it could result in unexpected behavior.

Install Abode Reader
Install Adobe Flash Player
Install RealPlayer
Install QuickTime
Install Windows Media Player Plugin

Can I use the mobile app for Blackboard Learn?

The Blackboard Mobile Learn app offers access to various content and features within a Blackboard Learn course and is available for multiple mobile devices.

There is a mandatory course assignment in all my online courses - Do I have to complete each course?

Yes! It is important that you complete the mandatory assignment by the due date for EVERY course you are enrolled. If you do not complete the assignment by the due date, you will be automatically dropped from the course.


Access student email via the web by clicking on the Email link under the MCC Tech Trail menu or directly at

Your MCC email address will be Example: If your UserID is smithp5622, your email address will be

If you have already created a password at the Password Portal, you will use the same password for your student email. If you need to reset your password, go to the Password Portal.